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Our cat lovers' online store offers the convenience of being able to shop online at any time of the day.

We carry cat inspired gifts mostly imported from Europe.

We love brands that have the same passion as us. We search for gifts that will bring delight, enjoyment and a smile to any cat lover.

Quality and good value are our priorities. The products we sell are the very same products we use!

Hello. Thanks for dropping by to get to know us!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new store. It is a work in progress and new items are being added every week...

Our Story

Our kitty rescue efforts are completely volunteer; our rescue program has saved the lives of many of feral and stray cats since its beginning.

How it all started:

It all started slowly and unexpectedly.

Having one cat and one dog was enough for our busy lifestyle of driving our kids to practice, traveling to athletic meets, and running two businesses. Ten years ago, due to our older daughter’s success in gymnastics, we had to relocate so she would be able to continue her sport on an Elite Level.

Two months after moving in, our two daughters rescued a week old kitten from a sewer in front of our home during a heavy thunderstorm. Soon after, while walking our dog, we found a feral cat colony of approximately 25 cats in our neighborhood. Every so often, either while riding our bikes or on a walk with the dog, we rescued sick kittens who were left by their parents, nursed them to health, and got them adopted.

With the permission and help of the local animal control, I started trapping, spaying or neutering, and vaccinating all of them on our company’s budget and found homes for upwards of 40 cats. During that time, I got acquainted with a rescue group called Feline Urban Rescue and Rehabilitation (F.U.R.R.) and through them I realized just how many homeless animals roam around on the streets!

Through my personal experience of paying out-of-pocket for veterinary bills and medications, I realized that rescue groups and shelters do not have the financial means to help every animal. One day, I realized that I could combine my 25 year knowledge of the toy industry and love of animals by creating an online shop selling gifts with cat designs, and eventually dog, and give the proceeds to the homeless animals.

My ultimate goal is to teach young children to help and love animals by caring and understanding the importance of every life. I believe that by teaching young children how to care for and love animals they can learn to build strong relationships and strong communities through their efforts.


Yvette Sommer-Pechanec

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We Give Back

We Give Back

Every purchase at will help a cat in need.



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